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Welcome to Aquatabs-USA The worlds leading water Purification company

Help Us Clean Drinking Water in Africa

Safe Water for All

Buy a pack of 30 Aquatabs, and Medentech will Donate enough to clean 600 liters of water in Benin, Africa.   It's that easy, you buy a pack for about $10, to protect you and  your family while Traveling, Backpacking, or to keep around in case of emergency, and Aquatabs will send enough to clean 600 liters of water.  It's that easy for you to help families in need in Africa.

  Aquatabs has Partnered with the US Humanitarian NGO PSI.org to provide clean water to Benin.  You can learn more about PSI by clicking here.

Just Buy 1 Package

But if you buy more, we'll send more!  Buy 2 packs and we'll send enough for 1200 Liters- but 12 packs and we'll send enough to clean 7200 Liters.   

Aquatabs is the worlds Largest Water Purification Tablet

The Pro's use Aquatabs (NATO, the W.H.O., and many other organizations around the world)- shouldn't you trust the brand they do?  Aquatabs has cleaned over 11 Billion Liters of water in 2017- and with your help we can clean even more!