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Aquatab's US Distributor

National Sport Sales is proud to work with Medentech to distribute the worlds #1 brand of water purification tablets

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National Sport Sales stock's the 30 pack box that is marked for individual sale, as well as the 10,000 tablet packs that are sold to Government, NGO, and Humanitarian groups around the world.

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8.5 mg Tablets 30 pack

 Aquatabs® are ideal for treating water to drink during international travel and throughout camping stays. Water treated with Aquatabs is ready to drink within 30 minutes.

Aquatabs travel packs
Each tablet treats 1 litre of water. Treated water may be used to disinfect items such as toothbrushes.Aquatabs travel packs (USA EPA registered)
Each tablet treats 2 quarts of clean water or 0.8 quarts of dirty water


Water Back Pack/ Hydration pack disinfection tablet
Strip packed tablets are ideally suited to disinfect the internal parts of personal portable drinking water systems and filters. 

US Dilution Table

 Emergency   Water Purification            

0.8 Quarts/1 liter   use 1 8.5mg Aquatab

2 quarts             Use 2.5  8.5mg Aquatab 

For Household use after an emergency 1 Tab may clean 2 Quarts of water.


The 8.5mg Aquatabs is the only approved Aquatab by the US EPA, and is the only size we currently import into the USA.

Aquatabs should be used with clear water. If the water to be treated is murky / turbid, then it should be firstly filtered through a cloth until clear. If the water to be treated is being consumed from a known source (such as with a household water supply), then the low risk dosing, as shown above, can be used. In all other situations, then the high risk dosing should be used.Remove the tablet from the packaging and add to the water. Ensure that the tablet is dispersed (by briefly shaking the vessel or mixing). Wait 30 minutes for the disinfection to work and then the water is safe to drink. Do not swallow the tablet. 

Worlds #1 Water Purification Tablet

 Aquatabs® are used by all major aid agencies, NGOs, and peacekeeping / defence forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations. We works with key international NGOs to reduce suffering during human and natural disasters. With 25 years experience in responding to disasters around the world we are well positioned in helping with any crisis. Stock of water purification tablets on hand in 20 Countries around the world aid the speedy distribution when a disaster strikes 

Used by Military forces worldwide

 Aquatabs® are water purification tablets used by NATO, British army, French army, German army, Russian army, American Special forces, Indonesian army, Singaporean army, Finnish army, Polish army, Canadian mounted police and many more defence and peace keeping forces around the world. 



  • Certification Standards:
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturer -certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
    • Audited by HPRA (Health Products and Regulatory Authority of Ireland) to EU directive.
    • ISO 9001:200
    • ISO 13485: 20
  • Raw material and packaging suppliers audited to GMP and /or ISO9001:2008 standard by Medentech personnel.
  • Medentech operates a fully audited batch tracking system and retains samples of all batches for shelf-life plus one year.
  • Validated manufacturing processes.
  • Complete quality control analysis for all batches according to customer specifications
  • Stability studies conducted according to ICH (International Committee on Harmonisation) Guidelines.
  • Has a team of highly qualified technical personnel to PhD standard.
  • NSF Approved for 10mg per litre. ( Not all products NSF approved.
  •  Aquatabs MSDS


Medentech is headquartered in Wexford, Ireland with distribution agents in over 100 countries worldwide. The Company began in 1984 with the development of a fast acting and effective effervescent tablet, Sterinova, as a portable, easy to use disinfection solution for infant feeding bottles.

The Company’s commitment to research and development and its passion for developing and marketing superior products resulted in the Company experiencing constant growth. Now customers include Global Blue Chip Companies and all of the World’s top aid agencies and peace keeping forces.

In March 2015, Medentech was acquired by German equity fund investor Paragon Partners. as part of their portfolio of Global infection control Companies. Please see www.anti-germ.com.


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